Meet the team



Katie, the brilliant mastermind behind our lovely store. she isn't just the owner, and buyer; she's the undisputed queen of fashion, turning our store into a style kingdom. she's a powerhouse, juggling a thousand tasks and making it all look easy- the hardest working women with the heart of a party animal. Katie's the caption of our fashion ship navigating us through the seas of style. Her positivity is like a radiant sunbeam, and she's always leading the charge towards excellence. long live our fearless, fun-loving fashion monarch!



Nikki, our store manager, is like the retail Rockstar we all secretly want to be! With a treasure trove of retail experience, she's essentially the queen of sales, making the rest of us look like amateurs. she's a multitasking magician, juggling more store tasks than we can count. Nikki's the go-to girl for anything and everything; if you need a retail lifeline, she's your number one speed dial. And when it comes to nurturing our stores success, she's our very own retail fairy godmother!



Jordan, the unstoppable sales associate, is like a burst of sunshine in the store every day! Their infectious enthusiasm and positive energy are nothing short of legendary. You can't help but laugh when Jordan's around, as her humor is as sharp as her sales skills. She not just a colleague; she's everyone's work bestie, always ready to lighten the mood with a joke or a playful prank. If you ever need a pick-me-up during a hectic workday, just swing over to Jordan, and you'll be treated to a dose of her hilarious antics and radiant positivity. She's the secret ingredient that makes the workday a whole lot brighter!



Riley, the sweetest sales associate on the block! Working with her is an absolute delight, as she brings her sunshine smile to every shift. We can't help but grin when we see her infectious positivity in action. And guess what? She's off to Auburn next year for college, and we couldn't be happier for her! Riley's future is as bright as her radiant smile, and we can't wait to see her embark on this exciting new chapter. Though we'll miss her, we know Auburn is about to gain one of the most cheerful college-bound students they've ever seen. Cheers to Riley and her bright journey ahead!



Ah, Ann Bryan, our resident sales associate with a heart as big as her conversation skills! Ann's superpower is her ability to strike up a chat with absolutely anyone, turning a simple workday into a series of delightful conversations. She's not just a salesperson; she's the Store therapist, always ready to lend an ear and offer sage advice, often accompanied by her unique, quirky wisdom. When the clock strikes break time, Ann Bryan legendary dance moves emerge, causing laughter to ripple through the Store as she grooves to her own rhythm. Working with Ann Bryan is an absolute joy, and her infectious energy and lively spirit brighten our days, one chat and dance move at a time!



Say hello to Emma! She's not just an office associate; she's a breath of fresh air. Emma is the human embodiment of sunshine on a cloudy day, infusing the workplace with an infectious spirit that can turn even the most mundane tasks into lively adventures. When it comes to work on the website, she dives in headfirst, turning digital challenges into opportunities for innovation. Do-it-all Emma is the go-to person for anything you need; she's a one-woman powerhouse who can tackle tasks with both efficiency and flair. A hard worker with a heart full of fun, Emma makes the office buzz with energy, turning every project into a playdate and every day into a celebration of success.



Meet Donna, the delightful sales associate with a heart as cozy as a warm hug. Stepping into the store feels like entering a haven of comfort, and Donna is the nurturing mother figure who makes it all possible. With a smile that radiates kindness, she effortlessly transforms shopping into a joyful experience. Donna's reputation extends beyond the aisles; she's known for her heavenly cinnamon rolls that have become the stuff of legend among the staff. Her grace and warmth not only make her an exceptional sales associate but also turn each customer interaction into a delightful encounter.



Step into the lively world of Lisa, the dynamo in office support who effortlessly dabbles in the art of sales. With a perpetual smile that could brighten the gloomiest of days, Lisa is the embodiment of workplace sunshine. Her positivity is so infectious that even spreadsheets and sales reports can't help but look a little more cheerful in her presence. Lisa isn't just an office support whiz; she's a glowing ball of energy with an unmistakable love for clothes. Whether she's navigating through data or closing deals, Lisa does it with a style that's all her own. She's not just an associate; she's a fashion-forward magician turning the office into her runway. Lisa, with her beaming smile and a closet full of enthusiasm, makes every workday a vibrant and stylish adventure.



Step into the whimsical world of Haley, the whiz of social media at Capsule Fashion. With a dash of quirk and a sprinkle of creativity, Haley effortlessly weaves magic into every post, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. She's not just a social media manager; she's the architect of Capsule's digital dreams. Picture this: a kaleidoscope of colors, witty captions, and a touch of Haley's unique charm, all coming together to create a symphony of style that resonates through the digital realm. So, as you scroll through the fashion wonderland she curates one post at a time, tip your imaginary hat to Haley – the genius behind the screen, making fashion fantasies come alive in the most captivating way.